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Methodology of rehabilitation and safety - RADIOPROTEZIONE

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Giancarlo Mansueto

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FISIO VI 1^ ANNO - 1^ SEMESTRE dal Oct 16, 2017 al Dec 21, 2017.

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Ionizing radiations
Radiation interaction with matter
Directly ionizing and indirectly ionizing radiations
Free radicals
Biological effects of ionizing radiation
Give DNA
Clonogenic survival
Subliminal, potentially lethal lethal damage
4 R of radiobiology
Oxygen effect
Deterministic effects
Stochastic effects
Radiation damage to major organs and apparatus
Effects of radiation on embryos and fetuses
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Effects of irradiation on the male and female genital system
Serial and parallel organs
Panic Syndrome
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Neoplasie radioindotte
Radiation measures
Risk assessment
Radiation Protection / Ordinance Law
Specific technical regulations
Directives, Regulations, Recommendations, Radiation Protection Standards
International ICRP Recommendations (International Commission on Radiation Protection) and IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)
X-ray and gamma emission
Radiogenic tube
on High Heels Allhqfashion Round Closed Solid Toe Women's Beige Pull Frosted Boots
Ultrasound and its main applications
Traditional radiology and its main applications
Computed tomography and its main applications
Beige Round Closed on Frosted Allhqfashion Toe Solid Heels Boots Women's Pull High
Magnetic resonance and its main applications
Static scintigraphy and main applications
Dynamic scintigraphy and main applications
Linear accelerators
Main modes of radiant treatment with external beams
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Reference books
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Assessment methods and criteria

Written and Oral Test

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